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25 Days of Christmas Activities

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Advent Calendars are used to count the 25 days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Traditionally, these special calendars contain small toys or chocolate. This Christmas season, spend quality time with your family by counting down the days with these 25 memorable Christmas activities:

1. Put Christ in Christmas

On the 1st day of December, start the Christmas activities with the reason for the season. The first family activity for Advent should revolve around teaching our children about Christ and His everlasting love for them. 

Spend time with your children on this day by reading the Christmas story. In the Bible, the story is found in Luke 1-2-10 and Matthew 1 & 2.

In addition to quietly reading, consider watching this wonderful Superbook episode: The First Christmas.  

2. DIY Christmas Gifts

This year, give your friends and family gifts made from hand. There’s something about homemade gifts that really say, “I put thoughtful time and energy into this gift for you.”

Farmhouse on Boone has ten simple gift ideas for Christmas including bathbombs, candles, body butter, and a throw blanket

A sweet gift the kids can make for grandparents can be this finger prints photo frame

Looking for edible gifts to give this Christmas, check out these delicious (and vegan) treats from Pick Up Limes. The Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Butter is a personal favorite 🙂

3. Make Paper Snowflakes

An oldie but a goodie. 

Paper snowflakes are simple, inexpensive, and fun to make with the kids. Not to mention how pretty they look when hung around the house. Transform the house into a winter wonderland with printer paper, scissors, and this step-by-step guide from A Piece of Rainbow. 

Christmas Activities

4. Build a Snowman

Wanna build a snowman?

Gather hats, scarves, and button noses. This is the day to build a snowman with your family! Hopefully there is plenty of snow on the ground to take the kids outside for some winter memories.

 If you live in warmer climate with little to no snow, no need to fret! There are options to build a “snowless” snowman as well:

5. Decorate Gingerbread Houses

Make memories with your family by building and decorating gingerbread houses. Challenge your baking skills by making it from scratch or have just as much fun buying a gingerbread house kit

6. Random Act of Kindness

Shepherd your children’s hearts by modeling love and kindness for them. Our goal in life should always be to demonstrate God’s love through our lives at all times. 

A random act of kindness can be anything that comes from the heart. If your kids need ideas, here is a list of ten random acts of kindness:

  1. Leave letters of encouragement on people’s cars
  2. Make dinner for a neighbor
  3. Buy a meal or groceries for the person behind you 
  4. Write letters to soldiers overseas
  5. Do a favor without asking for anything in return
  6. Donate old toys and clothes to the Salvation Army
  7. Shovel snow off a neighbor’s driveway
  8. Offer to take a shopper’s cart back
  9. Pick up litter at the park
  10. Share your favorite Bible verses or quote with a friend

7. Take a Nature Walk

Next on the list of Christmas activities is to spend some time out in nature. Just make sure everyone dresses accordingly, of course. 

Perhaps, your family chooses to take a walk along a nearby forest trail. While on the hike, encourage the kids to collect pinecones, sticks, logs, and anything else that can be used to decorate the house. 

The items found in nature can also be used for future crafts including the next one on this list (see what I did there ;)). 

8. Make Homemade Ornaments

Enjoy spending time with your children by making beautiful ornaments at home. 

With the pinecones gathered from the nature walk, create these adorable reindeer ornaments from Fireflies and Mudpies.

9. Paint a Christmas Tree

Since the actual Christmas tree is probably already up, some Christmas activities for today involve paint. Feel free to let the kids get a bit messy as they paint a Christmas tree (or anything really). 

This simple activity from A Dab of Glue is perfect for little kids. Not only do they get to use their little fingers, but mom gets a sweet keepsake as well. 


10. Build a Blanket Fort & Watch Movies

Ah, blanket forts. Building a blanket fort with your kids might be one of the fondest memories of their childhood. 

Once your family has hung blankets and stacked pillows to create a cozy fort, get some popcorn and turn on a family-friendly Christmas movie. This is certainly a night for snuggles!

11. Play in the Snow

Spend the day outside in the snow! Some snow-related Christmas activities involve sledding, ice skating, exploring, or even have a snow ball fight.

If, alas, there is no snow where your family lives, quickly whip up some fake snow for a indoor sensory experience. 

12. Make Cookies for Neighbors

Love thy neighbor as thyself. 

I don’t know about you, but I would sure love to receive surprise homemade cookies from my neighbors. 

Get your children to help you bake and decorate holiday-themed cookies. When finishes, wrap them up, walk over to your neighbor’s house, and make someone’s day. 

Another option is to take the cookies to a local fire or police station. They will certainly appreciate the kind gesture.  

13. Create Paper Garland

Paper garland (or paper chains) is a simple craft to decorate the house. 

Just follow these easy instructions:

  1. Cut different colored construction paper into 1-1/2 inch strips, width-wise.
  2. Coil the first strip and close with a staple, tape, or glue.
  3. Coil the second strip (of an alternating color) around the first and close it..
  4. Keep going until the garland is the length you want.

That’s it! Now just hang it around the house as an aesthetic decoration.

14. Learn about Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World

This holiday season, broaden your children’s horizons by teaching them how Christmas is celebrated across the world.

 Here is a list of children’s books to help introduce Christmas traditions from different countries:

15. Nativity Scene Playdough

This Nativity Scene activity from the Chaos and the Clutter invites children to build their own scenes from the Biblical story. Children get the opportunity to engage in open-ended play while the true meaning of Christmas is reinforced. 

The materials needed include playdough, children’s nativity set, animals, and other small objects around the house. 

For older kids, allow them to form a Nativity scene out of playdough or clay and let it dry. 

16. Ugly Sweater Photoshoot

Get the family dressed up in ugly sweaters and take a cheery photoshoot! There is no need to worry so much about getting #insta-worthy photos. Let this time be fun and memorable as the kids laugh and dance around in their Christmas gear while the camera clicks away.

Purchase matching holiday sweaters for the whole family here

17. Throw a Karaoke Christmas Party

If you’re not totally exhausted from Christmas music yet, spend time with the family by throwing a karaoke Christmas party. Invite family and friends, or keep it with household members only. It does not matter as long as everyone has a jolly-good time. 

Youtube is a great source for free karaoke videos.  

18. Volunteer and/or Donate to Charity

Every season is the season for giving!

While we should encourage compassion and generosity in our children all year long, plan a special time to volunteer with the family. It could be at a local food bank, hospital, or shelter for the homeless. 

If the kids are too young, take time to declutter and donate old clothing, toys, and money to the Salvation Army.

Consider making homeless gift bags filled with hats, socks, water, food gift cards, and Bibles. Keep them in the car when the family is out and about. And whenever you see someone in need, hand them the bag. Pray for the gifts to lift their spirits during the holidays. 

19. Attend a Local Christmas Event

While there are so many enjoyable Christmas activities to do at home, plan to get out of the house and attend a local Christmas event. 

Whether it be a play, Nutcracker ballet, Christmas tree lighting, parade, or Nativity story, there are plenty of events hosted by cities and churches for the whole family to enjoy.  

20. Make Christmas Cards

To go with the DIY gifts your kids made earlier this month, make some homemade Christmas cards. 

They can be as simple as folded paper and stickers. Or more extravagant like these pop-up Christmas cards.  

Consider adding this tissue paper “stained-glass” Nativity scene to the front of cards for some extra aesthetic value.

The grandparents will love receiving these homemade cards!

21. Visit A Local Toy Store

Begin a new tradition by taking the kids to a local toy store to let them look around and play. At the local shop, allow them to pick out one early Christmas gift.

Check out some recommendations in The Meta Mama’s online shop

Better yet, encourage your kids to pick out a toy that can be donated to a charitable toy drive or save the toy for Operation Christmas Child next season. 

22. Read Books By the Fireplace

Make some hot cocoa, grab some story books, and curl up by the fireplace with the kids. Spend the evening snuggling and reading stories as the cozy fire keeps everyone warm. 

23. Family Game Night

Crank up the family fun by planning a game night. Some options include board games, playing cards, trivia, and more. 

Also, check out this list of family game night ideas.

24. Bake Cookies For Santa

On the day of Christmas Eve, enlist help from the kids as you whip up a batch of cookies for Santa. 

These homemade cowboy cookies from Pick Up Limes are so delicious, there may be none left over for Santa. 

Just don’t forget to leave carrots for the reindeer. 

25. Have Yourselves A Merry Little Christmas

After a whole month of Christmas activities for the family, this is the day to celebrate! Consider starting a new tradition of gratitude sharing. Before opening the gifts, let each family member share what they are most grateful for. 

I’m grateful for you! Thank you for visiting and reading 25 Days of Christmas Activities. Wishing your family a beautiful and merry little Christmas!

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