• Wintering

    Winter | Nature’s Invitation to Slow Down

    A Season of Retreat & Restoration In nature, winter is a time for retreat and hibernation. Under the cover of cold and darkness, plants and animals conserve their energies, rest, and regenerate. Only humans seem to resist winter’s call to slow down and replenish.  This cold season arrives inevitably year after year. During this frigid period, certain birds will retreat to warmer climates, bears will instinctually turn to hibernation, and deciduous trees lose their leaves, revealing their bare, skeletal beauty.  Throughout the natural world, we can observe that winter is a time for rest and refuge. And yet, our fast-paced society refuses to engage in this instinctual season. Rather, from a young…

  • Habits to quit for freedom

    Habits to QUIT for Peace & Presence (in 2022)

    Typically, the turn of a new year involves a list of resolutions and habits we would like to start. This year, the challenge is to not add more to your life. Instead, 2022 is all about quitting the unhealthy tendencies we’ve been holding on to for far too long. Habits are formed through repetition. When a behavior is repeated, brain neurons branch out to each other to ease the flow of information. This makes it much easier to repeat that behavior in the future—so easy, in fact, that one might not even realize they’re doing it.    Now, not all habits are healthy or beneficial. Many, in fact, can be…

  • Curiosity

    Ignite Curiosity In Children

    Curiosity is one of the foundational abilities of a lifelong learner.  While children are born with an innate sense of curiosity, we, as parents, can encourage and cultivate it further. With these 5 simple tips, ignite curiosity in your children’s hearts. 1. Encourage Children to Ask Questions When children begin to gain awareness of the world around them, the question “Why?” makes it’s way to the forefront of their mind. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do I need to wear a jacket outside?” “Why does Mommy get to stay up later than I do?” Studies have found that the average pre-school aged child will ask between 100 and 300 questions per…

  • Faith

    The Joy of Labor

    We intentionally undergo various forms of labor because on a deeply fundamental level, we know that on the other side of discomfort lies comfort, the other side of pain lies relief, and the other side of labor lies joy.

  • Faith

    Learning Patience in the Midst of Childbirth

    Contractions are coming every three to four minutes now. Eventually, my love, who has been in contact with the midwife on-call, informs me that she recommends we come in. If this labor was anything like the first, I would be giving birth before the sun came up. Or at least that’s what I thought.

  • Prayer Hands

    Four Prayer Lessons from A Child

    When our children need help, they should be able to freely come to us to ask for whatever they need. In the same way, we are free to come before God to make our requests and desires known to Him. Let us come to the Father with the same boldness and humility that our children have when they come to us for help, guidance, and comfort. Let's learn to pray like a true child: with simplicity, courage, and a heart for others.